Time to quantify

This project arose from the desire of UNESCO to promote education through solar electrification of off-grid schools.
Enviroearth was responsible for the overall project management, including:
  • Design of solar farms in accordance with IEC standards (International Electronic Commission),
  • Implementation of a solar electrification strategy, choice of the schools based on GSM coverage,
  • Classrooms lighting and installation of electrical outlets,
  • Design of technical drawings, procurement and logistics, supplier management, technical support and installation of photovoltaic panels on each site,
  • Establishment of partnerships with local companies,
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of computer equipment connected to the Internet,
  • End-users training (teachers and students) on the use and maintenance of supplied equipment (solar panels and computers),
  • Remote support for equipment maintenance,
In total, 15 schools were electrified, 7.2 kWp of power were installed and over 2,500 pupils and adults are benefiting from these installations, 400 of whom were trained.

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