Time to quantify

As part of the government initiative "Sciences at school", the educational program "Weather at School" aims at creating and operating a network of 40 weather stations in secondary schools all around France.
Enviroearth has been working together with the Observatoire de Paris, bringing its skills and expertise throughout the project, such as:
• Design and supply of Weather Stations,
• Installation and commissioning of stations,
• Energy autonomy of the stations thanks to integrated solar panels,
• Creation and uploading of the website collecting all meteorological data of the  "Weather at School" program (http://meteoalecole.org)
• Training of project staff
• Preventive and corrective maintenance of the stations, rapid response to faulty stations and carrying out regular backups of the database to obtain the best availability of meteorological data during the year
The weather data collected by the stations are available onine on the dedficated website http://meteoalecole.org

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