Time to quantify

Danish Meteorological institute and Danish National Space Institute resorted to Enviroearth to install and operate a magnetic measuring station in the Southern hemisphere, on Tristan Da Cunha. This new observatory, located on the remotest inhabited island in the world, is aimed at providing new scientific data related to the SAA (South Atlantic Anomaly - an unexplained and enigmatic irregularity of the Earth magnetic field between South Africa and South America).
Enviroearth, which was already working on Tristan Da Cunha at that time, maintaining and operating environmental monitoring stations, took part in the feasibility study and in the construction of a small brass and wooden building in order to avoid any interference with the measuring instruments.
This project included several parts:
  • Provision of specific amagnetic materials in accordance with the technical spécifications
  • Construction of the technical building (amagnetic, grid-tie, corrosion-resistant and fully waterproof) and installation of the measuring instruments
  • Logistics management
  • Civil Works management
  • Permanent discussion with DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute) and local authorities to ensure the respect of local rules and régulations

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