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Enviroearth, founded in 2001 and Envirogroup subsidiary, is an engineering company, specialized in renewable energy and environment monitoring (air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, meteorological parameters, seismic waves & infrasonic measurement...) as well as in the deployment of renewable energy and the integration of low-carbon solutions in remote locations.

Our expertise:

  • Management of complex international projects including isolated sites (manned and unmanned) autonomous or connected to a faulty power grid
  • Integration of low-carbon technologies and turnkey solutions
  • Development aid for vulnerable communities, often the most affected by climate change

Enviroearth offers global project management for our customers: UN organizations, NGOs, refugee camps, military camps, natural disaster management units, scientific institutes, rural communities, hotel resorts, industry and mines.
Our commitment of independence vis-a-vis to any industrial or financial group guarantees our customers complete neutrality and objectivity of our recommendations and advice.
Through its daily actions and development aid projects, Enviroearth is very committed to environmental and social responsibility values.

Introduction leaflet

Our 2014-2015 CSR report

about our group
& its history

Our team

Energy, electrical and telecommunications engineers, electromechanical engineers, water treatment experts, with an administrative and logistics hub. Our team with complementary profiles loves challenges and invests fully in the implementation of demanding projects with dedication and diplomacy.

Enviroearth's team attests plurality in their careers and experience that reinforces our global approach to sustainable development.

Your main interlocutors:

Olivier DECHERF - Founder and general manager

Cyndie BELLET - Administrative and Financial Director

Quentin CRAMBES - Renewable Energy Project Manager

Clément BEDNAROWICZ - Environmental Monitoring Project Manager

Yannis VARKAS - Renewable Energy Project Assistant

Maxime LE MAILLOT - Environmental Monitoring Project Manager

Maxime GRILLANDINI - Station Manager




In addition to the ongoing management of the scientific station on the island of Tristan da Cunha that is considered the most isolated inhabited spot in the world, Enviroearth implements its expertise and know-how to benefit the local community. By its presence on the island since 2006, Enviroearth has developed volunteer activities such as French courses, awareness of waste management, studies and training in renewable energies.

Enviroearth accompanies the local government and its population in their desire to reach 40 % renewable energy on the island by 2020.

to the Tristan Administration


Enviroearth is WeForest partner, an international NGO dedicated to the fight against global warming and poverty. By planting trees in developing countries, the NGO promotes women's employment and helps reforestation.

As a company member of the association, we offset our greenhouse gas emissions from our travels, WeForest supporting reforestation projects.


to the NGO website



Through projects carried out abroad, Enviroearth aims to contribute to the development of local communities, including through its support to the association Credit's Mines.

The will of Credit's Mines is to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable employment through micro-credit and savings.


to the association website

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  • 20/02 2020

    New brochure on our Renewable Energies Solutions

    Our Renewable Energy Solutions brochure is avaible ! Discover it and send us a request by e-mail : [email protected]

  • 14/11 2019

    Our Infrasound Monitoring Systems Catalog is available !

    We are pleased to announce that our Infrasound Monitoring Systems Catalog is now available. Discover it and send us a request by e-mail : [email protected]

  • 31/10 2019

    Installation and maintenance of CO2 sensors in the Ile-de-France region

    As part of a project launched by Origins.Earth, the LSCE laboratory and actively supported by the City of Paris, Enviroearth is in charge of the installation and maintenance of innovative CO2 sensors ...

  • 09/09 2019

    Tanzania : The biggest solar hybrid power plant site installed in the country

    The UN Country Office based in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) inaugurated early August 2019 the Solar Hybrid Power System designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by Enviroearth and its local partner ...

  • 09/09 2019

    Malawi : Successful commissioning of the Sitolo PV Solar Mini Grid

    Enviroearth just implements a new 80kWp PV Solar hybrid mini-grid generating and distributing power to the Sitolo Village in Mchinji district, Malawi, located 18 km from Mchinji Boma and 12 km from th...

  • 24/06 2019

    ENVIROEARTH is attending SNT2019 from 24 to 26 April 2019

    For the seventh event in CTBT Science and Technology (SnT) Conference series, Enviroearth is proud to be selected and to participate to  SNT2019 The monitoring team will animate an oral presentation ...

  • 08/04 2019

    ENVIROEARTH is attending EGU from 8 to 12 April 2019

    Meet us at EGU from 8th to 12th of April 2019. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2019 Vienna, Austria   ENVIROEARTH is partnership of SEISMOWAVE, global leader for the supply of infraso...

  • 04/04 2018

    Meet Enviroearth at EGU, VIENNA, from 8th to 13th of April

    Meet Enviroearth and Seismowave team at EGU from 8th to 13th of April 2018European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018 Vienna       ENVIROEARTH is partnership of SEISMOWAVE, the product of the ...

  • 31/12 2017

    Best wishes 2018 from Enviroearth

    Thanks to you, customers, partners, suppliers, our activities of Environmental Moni­toring and Deployment of Renewable Energy Solutions have led us to new missions on Easter Island, Galapagos, Chatha...

  • 28/06 2017

    Presidents of Prolann, Enviroearth and Fedd meet at the SnT

    Prolann, Enviroearth and Fedd Presidents met on Wednesday 28 June in Vienna at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, where CTBTO was organizing the SnT, a scientific conference focused on nuclear test detecti...

  • 03/04 2017

    Enviroearth at the “Semaine de la France” (Week of France) in Tanzania

    Early April, Enviroearth took part in the "Semaine de la France" organised by the French embassy in Tanzania. Many workshops and forums dealing with several themes took place during that week in order...

  • 01/01 2017

    Best wishes 2017 from Enviroearth

    We at Enviroearth wish to thank you for the trust, you have placed in us throughout the year. Thanks to you customers, suppliers and partners, we will remain involved in the deployment of scientific b...

  • 12/12 2016

    Meet Enviroearth at AGU, San Francisco, from 12th to 16th of December

    Meet Enviroearth and Seismowave team at AGU from 12th to 16th of December 2016 at Moscone Center, San Francisco, booth Seismowave n°1422      ENVIROEARTH is partnership of SEISMOWAVE, the product...

  • 15/11 2016

    The Tristan Da Cunha Chief Islander came to Enviroearth for a courtesy visit

    On November 16th, Ian Lavarello, the Tristan Da Cunha Chief Islander, came to Enviroearth for a courtesy visit. This visit, the first ever by a Tristanian to our premises, was the opportunity for the ...

  • 19/10 2016

    Ban Ki-moon visits Enviroearth team in the Galapagos Islands

    The Enviroearth team received the visit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki-moon, during the installation of high-precision UN scientific monitoring stations, currently under con...

  • 13/07 2016

    Enviroearth design, supplied and installed an infrasound station in the Arctic.

    In contract with the United Nations, Enviroearth adapts to the extreme conditions of the Arctic, an Infrasound Station. This station has been installed by our teams in July 2016, in the most northern ...

  • 09/06 2016

    Participation to the 2nd National Conference on “Photovoltaic integration in networks and storage

    The topics on networking problems, including the impact of PV on infrastructure network and systems services, technology solutions for smart grids and microgrids type, energy management and storage an...

  • 01/06 2016

    Enviroearth become sponsors of the NGO WeForest whose objective is to fight against climate change through reforestation.

    June 2016: Enviroearth become sponsors of the NGO WeForest whose objective is to fight against climate change through reforestation. Enviroearth wants to be part of the projects implemented by the NO ...

  • 21/03 2016

    Participation at Dihad, Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Exhibition and Conference

    03/21 au 03/23 : Participation at Dihad, Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Exhibition and Conference Enviroearth displays two types of low-carbon technologies dedicated to energy a...