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With over 10 years of experience in the field, Enviroearth has become an expert in infrasound measurement station installations. Several times a year, our engineers go around the world carrying out maintenance and restoration operations of infrasound measurements units. Our engineers will define with you the best solution and provide a quality service to ensure optimum performance of your monitoring systems.


With its experience in the field, Enviroearth has developed a turnkey filtering system for infrasound measuring: the WNRS (Wind Noise Reduction System). This noise reduction system exists in several forms that can adapt to use and user constraints:

Silver Stainless Steel

Modest in size - 10m in length - and designed to be permanently installed in confined spaces, this filtering system can be mounted quickly and provides reliable data. This solution is a good compromise between durability, data quality and affordability.


Premium Flexible

Modest in size - 10 m in length – flexible pipes, this system is suitable for congested or difficult to access sites. Designed for temporary measurement campaigns, this solution is rapidly deployable and retractable. No tools are required and only one person is enough to set up the filter network within hours to obtain quality data.

infrason-75 infrason-79
Deluxe Flexible

Made of flexible pipes, this solution offers rapid installation. 18 meters in length, the system comes pre-assembled and ready to be deployed. This solution is particularly suitable for environments where rapid deployment is required, with limited space. Also, its pipes are more resistant than metal to hostile environments such as nearby volcanoes.

Premium Stainless steel

18 meters in length, this system is designed to be permanently installed, provides reliable and quality data. Stainless steel pipe structure provides good protection against corrosion, particularly in coastal and insular environments. This solution is perfectly adapted to large fields.

infrason-46 infrason-41
Deluxe Stainless steel

the best performing system, made in stainless steel to ensure good protection against corrosion. 18 meters in length (up to 36 meters in extension to accurately detect ultra-low frequencies), this system adapts well to large areas and allows high precision measurement on a wide frequency band. This top of the line model allows maximum noise attenuation and high quality data. The addition of valves on the air inlets allows for pressure testing. High-quality materials used for this filtering system guarantees a long durability, robustness and quality.

infrason-90 infrason-42 infrason-59

Enviroearth can also perform on demand specific filtering systems (size, materials, local conditions). Do not hesitate to contact us to set up the solution that best fits your needs and constraints!


After determining the filter type best adapted for your measurements, Enviroearth offers to take care of installing turnkey measurement stations. This includes all the necessary elements to the best functioning of your station:

  • Required Civil Works (earthworks, fence installation)
  • SeismoWave (our partner) microbarometer supply and installation
  • The supply and installation of the digitizer - integrated or not in the microbarometer
  • Filter system
  • Communication between different measurement sites (fiber optics, radio)
  • Data communication to your headquarters (satellite, internet)


Measuring infrasonic waves is a way to detect natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis or warn of unnatural phenomena such as a nuclear test. The filtering system helps to limit noise from wind or from the surrounding environment in order to detect infrasonic waves.


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