Time to quantify

Enviroearth accompanies Harris corp and the Laboratory of Environmental and Climate Sciences (LSCE) in the installation of GreenLITE, an optical system measuring CO2 by laser absorption spectroscopy (LAS). This system aims at creating real-time 2D maps of CO2 spatial distribution over Paris:

  • Identifying the sites meeting requirements to install the material and creating a meshing using light waves and reflective devices (mirrors).
    This project included several stages:
    • Installing two light sources (Montparnasse Tower and Jussieu Tower),
    • Installing 16 reflective mirrors on roofs spread over two 5km-radius half-circles,
  • Providing technical assistance for the installation, operation and maintenance of measuring systems from the COP21 event (December 2015) until December 2016.

This system enables to get a very accurate real-time mapping of CO2 levels over Paris

The system allows to measure the atmospheric density of CO2 over a large number of intertwined lines and to produce a 2D map in real time and very specific of CO2 levels over Paris city.

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