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Whatever area of expertise, from environmental monitoring to renewable energy or low- carbon Eco-technology solutions, the Enviroearth team is able to conduct specific training on the implementation, the operation and the preventive and corrective maintenance of the delivered equipment.

For each project, Enviroearth develops a specific training program tailored to the level of knowledge and intervention of trainees:

  • Designing an installation and maintenance training program dedicated to local partners' technical assistance teams and future customers' operators
  • Management and implementation of training either on our premises or more often on-site in French, English or Spanish by specialist engineers in the field and participating in on-site installation.
  • Production and delivery of a training kit in the form of PPT and manuals.

Enviroearth has managed since 2014, on behalf of the CEA DAM (Military Applications Department, Environmental Monitoring Division), the training program for internal or external operators in the operation and maintenance of atmospheric and geophysical monitoring systems (noble gases, radionuclides particles, seismic and infrasound measurements) integrated in the international monitoring network to ban nuclear testing.

Enviroearth also conducted on behalf of the Toulouse Météopole training on the use and maintenance of weather stations for secondary school teachers on operating weather stations in science projects at school.




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