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FROM 5 TO 2,000 KWP

Thanks to close relationships with the communities where it operates, Enviroearth has been a privileged partner of many governments and authorities for the installation of solar farms.

Collaborating with customers at every step of the project, Enviroearth initially prepares a report containing:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current electricity supply system
  • A detailed study on the solar potential depending on location of the solar farm
  • Recommendations for optimal performance and maximum life of your installation
  • A financial and environmental study on the impact of adding solar electricity into the grid
  • A technical study with proposals for turnkey installations
When the technical solution has been decided in agreement with the customer, our teams will be responsible for managing all stages of the project:
  • Purchase and supply of equipment, including transportation and customs formalities
  • Monitoring of preparatory work for the installation (civil engineering)
  • Installation, supervision
  • Commissioning of the solar farm
  • Economic and environmental gain monitoring

With our experience in the most isolated and the most complicated sites (Tristan Da Cunha, Philippines, Madagascar…), Enviroearth engineers ensure quality work, constant discussion to best meet your needs, working closely with local and government authorities and knowledge sharing with local teams that will be in charge of maintenance of the facility.


  • Installation of a solar farm on Tristan Da Cunha in 2015

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  • Solar electrification of 15 rural schools in Madagascar, 2015

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  • Design, supply, installation and maintenance of 11 solar farms in the Maldives

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