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For over 15 years, Enviroearth has assisted international organizations, research institutes, industry, and communities in the design and provision of turnkey solutions and on-site commissioning of measurement and monitoring network stations and alert networks of atmospheric and geophysical parameters:

  • Greenhouse gas measurement
  • Meteorological parameters
  • Radionuclide particle detection
  • Seismic and acoustic wave measuring systems
  • Infrasound measurement systems
  • Air quality monitoring networks

Our services

Enviroearth works close with you in all phases of your project:

  • Site visit, assistance in defining technical specification requirements and their development, measuring instrument needs, data and telecommunication management site specific systems
  • Design planning
  • Integration in scientific containers or in existing buildings of different measuring devices and accessories up to implementation of data communication systems (Ethernet, GSM, fiber optic, satellite)
  • Administrative authorization management
  • Supervision of Civil Works and on-site installation
  • Logistics, even in extreme locations (polar and remote zones)
  • Electricity grid connection or design and supply of dedicated independent power generation systems
  • Commissioning and onsite operator training
Our years of experience for the most discerning customers into the most isolated places on the planet and the quality of our field teams ensure:
  • Reliability and optimum operability of the stations and measurement networks, adapted to extreme conditions
  • A remote assistance and rapid response capacity on-site
  • A total security on the treatment, collection and repatriation of data

Enviroearth also operates in France and abroad in the upgrading and rehabilitation of existing environmental measurement stations including development of infrastructure, of the analytical chain and of the remote transmissions.
For instance, after the tsunami in 2011 on the Robinson Crusoe Island in Juan Fernandez archipelago (Chile, Pacific Ocean), Enviroearth was in charge of the rehabilitation, design, supply and installation of the UN scientific shelters, of the onsite instrumentation as well as of the central telecommunications system.




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